Big Jim Keepin’ Busy with the Blues

On The Scene with Tracey Stones


Big Jim Jams a Trio of Gigs this Week

Big Jim Kohler was busy with jams and jives this week. Our local bluesman was found around town with his guitar in hand three times last week.


Blues at the Brown Pelican


While I am busy teaching people about blogging on Monday nights at Pamlico Community College, my best blues buddy, Big Jim is holding class on the carpet at The Brown Pelican. Music plays from 7-9 pm and the jam starts after the first set. Feel free to come out and join the fun this week or any Monday night. We have really been having a natural ball! This fun weekly offering kicked off in February and had brought some of the best Monday nights this town has ever seen!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Mid Week City Stage Blues



If the midweek blues grab you, just make a break for it and join us at The City Stage New Bernwhere Big Jim Kohler Blues Band does it again, each week 7-9 pm. Offering the good blues and sharing the grooves, this is always a fun way to bust up the work week, with great music and fun. The City Stage also serves food and are committed to offering live entertainment most nights of the week.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ArtWalk Offerings

The final place I found Big Jim sharing the blues was last night at ArtWalk. Sitting on his stool outside the Black Cat Shoppe, he was poised and ready as anyone could be, to entertain the town during the monthly town event! “Banging on that guitar for over 30 years,”  Big Jim has crawled back from a near-death experience not quite two years ago,  has remained sober and is getting healthier and stronger every day. Currently seeking funds for a new CD, I would ask you to consider investing some money here, as a music supporter. To support Big Jim Kohler and his next recording by visit Big Jim on Kickstarter. 

Next week Big Jim Kohler has another trio of gigs. He will be seen jamming at the Brown Pelican on Monday 7-9 pm, on Friday he will play the grand opening of The Garage located in James City at 1209 Highway 70 at noon.; and on Saturday you can find him at BrUtopia live from 7-10 pm.

While I was rocking my blues away,  I let this gypsy woman, Jelisa, give me some advice. It was a great time last night for ArtWalk at The BCS with Big Jim jamming, local artist Amber Gibson, showing her pieces, and tarot reader Jelisa offering free, three card readings.  If you are looking for a fun shop to browse and shop; stop by The Black Cat Shoppe.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


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